Wig Care v. Hair Care – Tips from Rosalind Stella’s (Video)


Wearing a wig and caring for a wig is definitely different from your own hair, depending on whether you’re getting human hair or synthetic. Getting a synthetic fiber will take its own shape each time you wash it. The general rule of thumb is to wash it every 28 to 30 wearings. You wash it in a synthetic wig shampoo that we do carry here. That way, you’re not losing the luster or the shine, or anything like that, not causing frizzies on the fibers themselves.

When you do wash it, and you hang it to dry overnight, in the morning you literally just give it a shake and it goes back into its original style, just like that. That’s the benefit of a synthetic.

The benefits of human hair are, obviously, as wonderful as our synthetics are and they look just like human as well, but with the human hair, the feel of the human hair, the natural way that it lays on your head, and the way that it feels on your head. The advantage is that you can use heat on it. You can curl it, you can blow it dry, although we suggest that you bring it to us, the experts, to help do it, because we know best how to keep it from knotting up and keeping its luster and shine and staying in perfect condition.