Volumizer Hair Pieces

Your hair journey is up to you. If you are experiencing hair loss, you may feel out of control. However, don’t surrender your power in this situation when there are so many options to make this journey your own.

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When you’re losing your hair, whether from genetics, age, medical treatments, or illness, it can be unnerving and a hit to your self-confidence. You may not feel like yourself when you don’t look like yourself. Luckily, you now have many options to battle the appearance of hair loss. Between wigs, hairpieces, and hair loss accessories, Rosalind Stella’s has the solution!


For total hair loss, many clients turn to wigs. Wigs are a diverse fashion accessory that comes in a myriad of styles, materials, and fits. You can find a wig that is right for your lifestyle, budget, and beauty regimen.

Wigs come in either real human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair tends to last longer. Synthetic wigs are more cost-effective. Both types of wigs can be styled to some degree, but it’s important to speak to a wig specialist about how to use any products or heat tools on your wig.

Care for your wig with specially designed shampoo styling tools keeps it looking great. Bring it back to the boutique for professional styling before big events.

  • Installed Wigs

Installed wigs can be worn for weeks at a time. The wig is applied directly to your head, either by stitching into the remaining hair or by adhesives like glue or tape on the scalp. Secure the hairline with some paste and treat gently for the duration of wear.

With the right scarf or pillowcase, sleeping in your wig is not a problem. Style your wig – within its heat and product limits – as you would natural hair right on your head.

  • Temporary Wigs

Wigs that you wear day-to-day are a less intensive option for those uninterested in a more permanent installation. These clip to remaining hair or are worn with a wig cap over the scalp. These generally have adjustable straps to make a personalized fit.

Buying a wig at a salon comes with excellent fitting assistance. Get the right fit with a professional who can measure and adjust a wig. Proper fit reduces the risk of damage to your remaining hair and scalp or discomfort.

  • Hairpieces

Hairpieces are smaller sections of hair that can be placed around the head to add length and volume or cover a bald patch. These can be clipped in, taped in, or sewn in, depending on your preference.

Volumizing Pieces

For those whose hair is thinning, adding volumizing pieces can be one of the ways to combat the look of hair loss. Volumizing pieces are integrated into your remaining hair to add to it. Many come like a single mid-level extension weft and are attached beneath your hair to add volume and length from within.

  • Extensions

Hair extensions and other small hairpieces can be placed around the entire head or strategically to combat thinning or baldness. With many safe ways to permanently or temporarily install extensions, you can get the coverage and style you need how you want it.

  • Bangs and Toppers

For hair loss in more obvious places, like the top of the head or along the scalp, clip-in bangs or toppers can be used to restore your natural hairline.


Headscarves are a chic way to cover your thinning hair or even a bald scalp. They are comfortable and trendy and come in styles to suit every personality. They also come in quite handy when you want a day off from wearing your wig or it’s wig wash day. Plus, you can wrap the headwear around your wig to create a new look or protect it from wind and rain.

With many different fabrics and prints to choose from, headscarves can pass as simple fashion accessories if you so choose. Whether you go with a boho wrap look or a chic turban style, headscarves can be a beautiful addition to your outfit.

Our expert staff can help you learn how to tie headscarves securely and attractively in place.

A Smooth Transition

Hair loss accessories can help you transition from thinning hair to losing your hair or get you through medical treatments that cause temporary hair loss.

Hairpieces and toppers are great for those losing their hair in a particular area, like the crown or hairline. They can add volume and blend in seamlessly with your own hair. They also make an updo possible when you didn’t think you had enough hair to pull and twist.

Hair Loss Headquarters

When you’re in need of hair loss accessories, Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique is your go-to wig headquarters! Call us at (215) 725-3930 to schedule your private, personalized appointment. We understand that loss of hair may mean loss of confidence and self-esteem, and we are here to help make you feel like your old self, but better!