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Selecting the perfect wig involves understanding your needs, the variety available, and where to find the best options in Philadelphia. Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique, with its vast experience and wide selection, stands out as a premier destination for anyone looking to enhance their look with a wig. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned wig […]

Time to try something new? Many people start wearing a wig for fashion, fun, convenience, or even medical reasons. No matter what your reason, buying your first wig can be confusing. It is important to consider the wig construction, materials, style, and fit before making a purchase. For help buying the perfect first wig, we […]

Summer in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, is a popular tourist destination. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Philly is the largest city in the state and has a population of 1,578,487. A vibrant and lively city full of history and culture, Philly has something to offer everyone. History and Culture in Philadelphia Founded by William […]

If we know anything about hair trends, it’s that they go in and out and in and out of style over the years. In 2022, some trends are left-over from the low-maintenance pandemic lifestyle. However, we’re also seeing a return to 90’s fashions, and some people are opting for a little “extra” in terms of […]

As the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, it has brought many medical issues and symptoms along with it. One of the strange symptoms that many people have reported is significant hair loss. While temporary, this hair loss can continue for months after recovery. Wigs and hairpieces are a great option to bring back […]

What. A. Year. 2020 just keeps bringing more surprises, and most of them have not been great. But Rosalind Stella’s is stocked with beautiful wigs and hairpieces and you won’t be surprised to fall in love with them. Here’s why this year is the right year to try a new look with a wig. You […]

A new and distressing COVID-19 symptom has come to light recently: hair loss. COVID-19 patients are noticing that following their diagnosis they are experiencing clumps of lost hair falling out. After the stressful experience of COVID-19, this unexpected follow-up is obviously unwelcome. Medical professionals believe the hair loss to be a temporary condition known as […]

As a first-time wig wearer, you may be hesitant to make a wig investment without the answer to one major question: can you wear a wig every day? You may even be worried about it falling off and how to keep your wig secure. Fortunately, you can wear a wig every day and, if you […]

If you are new to wearing wigs, you may be overwhelmed by your options. Wig selection doesn’t stop at the color and cut you want. There are a variety of wig types and wig products that can help you make the most out of your wig. Finding the right wig is easy when you consult […]

Whether you wear wigs because you’ve experienced hair loss due to illness or you wear them just to change up your look, you want to know your wig will be there and be beautiful when you need it most. Proper care for your Philadelphia wigs will help extend their beauty. Just follow these tips! Washing […]