When it comes to buying a wig, some people may feel like they are locked into only one look while they own the wig, and that if something happens to the wig they will simply have to repurchase. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Wigs actually have a little more leeway than one might expect, particularly human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs can be heat-styled, cut, permed, and even dyed with the right knowledge and skill. Quality wig shops like Rosalind Stella’s employ licensed hairstylists so that they are able to give your wig the same treatment they would give any head of hair. Care and attention can increase the lifespan of your wig and make it possible to have options while wearing the same wig over a longer span of time.


While there are some limitations to individual wigs for styling options, learning to do different hairdos on your wig can be one of the most fun aspects of wearing it.

Without the trouble of having to style it on your head, braiding, curling, or straightening your wig on your wig stand can be a good way to get to know your wig. Alternatively, wigs can be taken into boutiques to be styled professionally.

Left: Client singed the front of the wig getting too close to the oven

Right: After wig was repaired and styled by our wig experts


The care and keeping of your wig will be dependent on the quality of shampoos and tools used. Specific shampoo must be used regularly to keep your wig clean. Lower-heat tools designed for wigs can be used for heat-styling if you have learned how to use them properly. Improper care or other accidents can lead to damage on the wig, which is a frustrating event for owners who have come to depend on their wig.



Repair for wigs is possible when completed by professionals. If you have burned, torn, or shorn your wig somehow, all hope is not lost. Bring it in to a professional and have it evaluated for repair potential. Rosalind Stella’s offers a wig repair service in Philadelphia just for situations like this.

Whether there is matted hair that needs to be untangled or the incorrect shampoo damaged the wig, our professional stylists are experienced at refreshing wigs that have been through it.

Top: Long frizzy wig dropped off for styling

Bottom: After the wig was cleaned and styled by our Wig Experts


Sometimes simple wear and tear can be noticeable in a wig. Repair specialists can address this with detangling, replacing hair, adding new lace, applying permanent curls, or waves again to a previously permed wig and more. If there are any wig fit issues, repairs to the cap, like cleaning adhesive off, can be undertaken. If a wig still has some life left in it, repairing it to extend longevity only makes sense.


One of the most defining ways to change your look is to make a drastic styling change. Styling options abound for those looking to change it up with their wig. Like a regular salon appointment, you can bring your wig for a new ‘do. Taking a straight wig to curly or vice versa is a dramatic switch. Professional styling can make this possible, making lasting changes to your wig’s style and increasing its fashionable longevity. Just like natural hair, wigs can be permed straight or curly. Sometimes wigs simply need a sprucing. A deep conditioning or intense straightening can give the glossy finish of a brand new look.


For less permanent styles, stylists can also wash and condition as well as heat-style and blow-dry wigs. A blowout may be the perfect pick-me-up for a well-loved wig.

The benefits of working with longer wigs are evident when it comes to changing a cut or style. Long wigs can easily be shorted into a cropped shoulder-length or chic bob. They also have the room to transform into a tight curl without too much sideways volume.

Left: Client brought wig in to be restored, cut and styled

 Right: Finished product


While it can be difficult to request dye on a wig, it can be done. As the hairs have already been repeatedly processed, it can be dangerous to try to bleach and process it again to lighten it, but some dyes can be safely applied. Talk to a wig specialist about applying safe dyes to your wig to change up the color.


On wigs where dye is an option, full color can be applied, as well as high- and low-lights. If you are looking for a human hair wig in a particular color—say pastel blue or bright green—it is likely something that should be custom ordered.

That way the dye can be done ahead of time and over-processing can be avoided. Staying up to date with trends is simple with a wig that can be flexibly styled.


Top: Client dropped off a wig to be cleaned and styled 

Bottom: Finished Product


Wig repairs are available in Philadelphia at 1916 Welsh Rd. Set 1B. Drop off your wig for repairs during regular business hours Sunday through Monday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., or call (215) 725-3930 with any questions. If you need something to hold you over, we can help you find an interim, price-conscious back-up wig or a comfortable scarf or cap to wear in the meantime.