Men’s Wigs v. Rogaine for Hair Replacement

Men’s Wigs v. Rogaine for Hair Replacement

Although male pattern balding is a natural part of the aging process, it’s a far from pleasant one for the majority of men. Treatments ranging from lotions to oils to pills have been marketed throughout the centuries as hair replacement miracles – most of them frauds. However, in the 1980s Rogaine® came on the scene – the first FDA approved medication for hair growth. Finally men had a solution that really did work. But could it relegate hair pieces to museum cases, as some hoped?

How It Works:

How does Rogaine® stimulate hair growth? The answer is, no one knows! The fact that it does so is enough for most men. But there are caveats. Rogaine® only replaces hair on the top of the head, not in the front where most balding begins. It must be applied twice a day for several months to see results, and because it does not address the underlying chemical cause of hair loss it’s good only for as long as the treatments persist. It’s effectiveness decreases as you age and it is not as effective for men who have a large area of baldness or who have been bald a long time.

This is not to say Rogaine® has outlived its usefulness. Although it is not as effective as Propecia (a drug taken in pill form), it can still help men who do not respond well to Propecia or whose physicians have approved an additional treatment. It is also less expensive, costing users around $200/year.

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Rogaine and Wigs Compared:

While wearing real hair wigs or synthetic wigs or  toupees do not restore one’s natural hair as Rogaine® does, it is better at achieving what most men desire – a complete head of hair. It is also a permanent, immediate, and consistent form of hair-replacement, equally effective for men of all ages and with all degrees of hair loss. There’s no need to wait for months to see if you have a satisfactory result.

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