Men’s Wigs v. Propecia® for Hair Replacements

Men’s Wigs v. Propecia® for Hair Replacements

Due to a widespread genetic factor, over 85% of men used to accept baldness as an inevitable part of getting older. But that changed in 1997, when the FDA approved Propecia® – the first truly successful hair replacement drug. But how does this “wonder pill” really compare to hairpieces as a treatment for male pattern baldness?

How It Works:

Baldness occurs when free testosterone in a man’s body interacts with Type II 5-alpha-reductace, which is stored in the oil glands surrounding his hair follicles. The ensuing reaction produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes most men’s follicles to shrink until they are too small to produce hair. Propecia® works by bonding to 5-alpha-reductace, leaving less to produce DHT.


Unlike many so-called hair-replacement treatments, Propecia® really does inhibit hair loss in a majority of men. However, there is a caveat – hair loss is only held at bay as long as the patient is taking the drug. Once treatment ceases, any hair gained usually disappears within the first year.

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Side Effects:

One of the most disturbing side effects of Propecia® is a marked decrease in sexual drive and ability. While this occurs only in a small percentage of men (3% or less) it’s impossible to know who is at risk. In an even smaller percentage, the damage is permanent. Propecia® is also being studied to verify whether it can increase a man’s risk of developing serious forms of prostate cancer.

Propecia and Wigs Compared:

While wearing a wig or toupee does not restore one’s own hair, it does give the wearer the option to boast as full and youthful a head of hair as he desires without committing to a lifetime of drugs. It’s also a healthy way to treat hair loss, without risking drug interactions, or side effects. A wig may also save you money over the years, as brand-name Propecia® can cost over $2.00 per pill, or $730 a year.

Because of these considerations, we recognize that no one form of hair replacement is for everyone. If you’re still considering which option is right for you and you would like to learn more about men’s hair pieces, stop by our Philadelphia location.

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