Hair Replacement for Men

Whether you have those genetics from your parents and grandparents or you’ve undergone medical treatments or your hair has just thinned out with age, you have hair replacement options.

Sure, you could resort to surgical plugs, which don’t usually look natural, or you could take pricey prescription meds and use a special shampoo with no guaranteed results. You could even resort to spraying “hair” from a bottle or just shaving it all off.

But if you’re looking for the most natural and cost-efficient hair replacement for men, there’s nothing quite like a well-made hairpiece.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Wigs

A Guy Needs Options

Gone are the hairpiece days of Julius Caesar with showing seams and unnatural colors. Hairpieces and toupees have come a long way over the last hundred years. Did you know mighty men like Sean Connery, John Travolta, and Chuck Norris all wear hairpieces? So many men in Hollywood don toupees and pieces that it would likely be difficult to recognize them without their signature coif.

When looking into hair replacement for men, specifically hairpieces and toupees, there are many options for every man and budget. Choose from human hair or synthetic hair, lace caps, or soft and breathable monofilament (great for more sensitive scalps, especially after medical treatment). You also have a wide variety of colors, textures, and hairstyles to choose from. Learn more about them below:


Balding patterns and progression vary from man to man, and therefore your need for a hairpiece is likely completely different from the next guy. Hairpieces are adaptable and customizable to add some coverage back into where you need it most. Whether you want some coverage upfront at the hairline, wish to add some volume back on the scalp, or need an entire wig, male hairpieces have many options.


The most well-known word for male hairpieces is “toupee”. Toupees refer to partial wigs. They often cover the top of the head and some of the sides. Adhered with a special glue to the scalp, these can be blended at the edges with remaining hair for a natural look.

Hair Patches

Just wanting to cover the beginnings of a bald patch? Extremely petite toupees are available to use with adhesive on bald spots at the back of the head. These tiny hairpieces can pack a punch of confidence for those noticing balding for the first time.

Full Wigs

Full wigs are of course available for men as well. A great stand-in while going through medical treatments where you may lose some natural hair, full wigs are a one-and-done styling solution for male hair replacement.

Natural Textured Hairpieces

For customers with 2B hair and up, there are diverse options for hairpieces, wigs, and more. From close-cropped curls to long dreadlocks, you can maintain your natural hairstyle by adding in a piece that matches your texture.

Human Hair

Choosing human hair for a hairpiece is typically recommended for men who plan to wear their hairpiece daily. Human hair stands up to styling better and has greater longevity. It does, however, cost a bit more than synthetic options. For those who need a solution or regular wear, the cost may be worth it.

Synthetic Hair

The synthetic fiber hair is a more affordable option for hairpieces. It also costs less. However, since it is not quite as hardy as human hair wigs, it may be a better option for men who plan to wear their wigs infrequently.

Lace Caps

Lace caps are very popular in the wig world as they allow for a customizable hairline. Hairs are individually tied into lace for a natural look. Lace caps are typically affixed with some glue at the hairline.

Monofilament Caps

If you’ve experienced medical treatment that has left your skin sensitive, opting for a monofilament cap that does not require adhesive maybe your best option. These feature individual hairs tied into the cap and make for a natural part.

Color and Greying Options

Afraid that a hairpiece in a natural color will suddenly make you look a couple of decades too young? Monochromatic coloring can be a red flag on a poorly made piece, which is why Rosalind Stella stocks hairpieces with some natural variation including grey.

Looking natural in a hairpiece means embracing variation. This can help blend a piece with your natural hair even better.

It’s About Confidence

When you find the right hairpiece for you, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. A hairpiece shouldn’t cover up something you dislike about yourself. Instead, it should enhance all your favorite features and give you the confidence to get back out there.

Hair Upgrade At Rosalind Stella’s

Stylists at Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique can help you find a hairpiece that closely matches your own hairstyle, color, and texture. The hairpiece can blend into your own thinning hair, or can completely cover your scalp. We can also help make sure the color looks natural with your skin tone and add just the right amount of distinguished grey (if you so choose).

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