Hair Accessories & Head Coverings (Video)


Other than just wigs, of course, we carry all chemo-related products as well. We carry a full array of turbans and hats. We carry UV-protected hats made by Wallaroo. They’re fabulous, and they also tie on the inside so they’re adjustable to your head size, which is great when you don’t have hair. We carry halos and face framers, which is basically just hair that has no top so that you can wear any hat or turban on top. We carry something called a hat-and-hair, which is literally a baseball hat with hair attached. These are fabulous items for women who are going through chemo because you might not always want to wear your wig if you’re just kind running around to the supermarket and you can just throw something easy on, or just relaxing around the house and someone comes to your door.

We carry products for women going through chemo. They’re all-natural and can help keep your eyebrows and eyelashes, which is an amazing thing as opposed to stenciling an eyebrow on. These products make you look completely natural and feel better about yourself.

We carry skincare products for the top of your scalp, because that’s often forgotten about when you don’t have hair; it helps keep moisture in. The products we carry will help with some of the discomfort of the hair falling out and also help to have the regrowth growing evenly as opposed to in patches. So we do carry all of those as well.

We carry a special turban that’s made out of a bamboo material, which helps your head stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Aside from all of those products, we also carry a wide variety of human hair extensions and synthetic extensions for women who just want fullness and length. We carry ponytails and pony-wraps, clip-in bangs, braided headbands for women who just want to put a little braid in their hair and hold their hair back with a headband. Just a bunch of really fun items for volume and for style and length.

We also carry for women that are thinning on top, where you got little patches or you may not need a full wig. We have a fabulous collection of clip-in toppers for either a small patch here or a full “give me volume and length” type of thing as well. Curly, straight, different size bases, so if you just need a little coverage with a small base, or a big base for a lot of coverage.

We also carry men’s wigs, so we do men’s hair pieces and wigs as well. We’ve got a privacy booth in the back for men that may not want to sit out in front, or even for women who don’t want to be out in the open. We have booths out front as well for women, or people, that are fine being out here as well.