Philadelphia Halloween Costume Wigs

Philadelphia Halloween Costume Wigs


Halloween is a fun holiday that allows us to be literally anyone or anything we want. From a favorite storybook character to a super hero or a creative character all your own, it’s the perfect time to be creative. A costume wig is an often overlooked accessory that can actually add a lot to a Halloween costume, even being the feature sometimes. If you’re looking for the perfect Philadelphia Halloween costume wig, or you need some inspiration for a last minute party, stop in at Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique.

Why a Costume Wig?

There are many benefits to wearing a wig along with your Halloween costume. One of the biggest benefits – it can save you time and effort while getting ready. Costume wigs come already styled, you just have to take it out of the package, shake it out, and maybe brush it a bit (with a wig comb). You can do this when you purchase the wig so that you can focus on other things when you’re putting your look together.

Then, there’s saving your own hair from possible long term side effects. Dying your hair, teasing, using gallons of hairspray, maybe even cutting and adding fake blood or other products – all of these treatments can have a lasting effect on your own natural hair. It could take days (or weeks) for hair color to wash out, while over styling could damage hair follicles beyond repair. Wearing a wig that’s already the right color and cut will keep your natural hair looking, well, natural.

Endless Options

One of the best benefits of wearing a wig with your Halloween costume is that a wig can open up endless options for your costume. Many costumes have a focus on the hair, like Rapunzel or Medusa. If you have a good costume wig, you have the focus of the costume already figured out. Imagine trying to style your own hair for the Bride of Frankenstein or Marge Simpson, or trying to achieve a temporary mullet or afro! Wigs can make Halloween costumes look more complete and well thought out.

Wigs aren’t the only option, either. Hair pieces and extensions can add something extra to your own hair while limiting the styling needed. A hair piece adds volume or an updo, great for a politician or Barbie costume, while extensions can add temporary drama and length, like for Elvira or the Princess Bride. Incorporating a wig or hair piece really opens up the costume possibilities that would otherwise be limited by working with your own hair.

Philadelphia Halloween Headquarters

Whether you’re looking for a one of kind cosplay wig for Halloween and beyond, or you just need a costume wig to take your ensemble to the next level and win that Halloween costume contest – Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique has everything you need. Our professional stylists will make your shopping experience fun, from extensions to wigs and hair pieces. There’s no better selection of wigs in the Philadelphia, Center City and Main Line areas! Call us today at (215) 725-3930!