Fun Wigs

Fun Wigs

There are a number of different occasions that you might need a fun wig. Depending on what you are looking for, and what look you want will help determine the best type of wig to suit your needs. There are a number of different activities out there that might require the use of fun wigs. This would include events such as:

  • Comic Conventions
  • Plays
  • Anime Conventions
  • Parties
  • Halloween Costume Wigs

Fun Doesn’t Mean Cheap

Just because a wig is a little unconventional—like a cool style or bright colors—doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. In fact, fun wigs can be made out of high-quality materials like more natural-looking wigs such as real human hair.

fun wigs

Human hair can be dyed and styled to get fun, crazy, or unusual looks for wigs. For best results, this should be done as part of the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers may be open to custom orders to get the perfect look for your wig.

Alternatively, synthetic hair wigs advance constantly with quality. Many are more durable now with little shedding. Some can even stand up to heat styling. Due to their manufacturing process, there may be more colors available amongst synthetic wig lines.

If you’re looking for a fun wig that’s not too much of an investment, opting for a high-quality synthetic wig can get you the look you want in the budget you can afford.

Conventions and Cosplay

When you want to really dress up as your favorite character for a comic, anime, or fan convention, you will need the perfect wig to pull off the right look. This might take time and you will want to make sure that you are able to find a wig store that will be able to help you out.

There are a number of different looks that you can pull off with a great wig when you participate in anime conventions. Depending on the look that you are going for will determine the type of wig that you are going to want to get.

As cosplay—costume play—advances to ever more professional levels, getting the right kind of wig can really take you to the next level when inhabiting a favorite character. Take home first prize in your convention’s cosplay contest when you get a professionally styled wig from your favorite wig boutique.

Live-Action Role Players

Tangentially related to cosplay, live-action role players or LARPers often need good quality, fun wigs to complete their role-playing outfits. Whether playing tabletop games or fantasy swordplay in the park, LARPing costumes have advanced just like comic and anime cosplay.

Find a fun LARPing wig that can keep up with the physicality of your game when you work with the professionals at Rosalind Stella’s.


There are a number of themed parties throughout the year where the perfect fun wig would come in handy to pull off not just one great look but a number of different looks. Score a win at your film club’s Quentin Tarantino Night with a chic Pulp Fiction wig or make a splash as the Little Mermaid at a Disney-themed birthday party with bright red locks when you find a fun wig at Rosalind Stella’s.


Halloween is a time where you might want to invest in quality wigs to ensure you are able to pull off your costume at a number of different get-togethers. You will want a wig that is not going to fall apart after a few hours.

Finding wigs that will last you for the party—and maybe even be reusable for a costume next year—is a fun mission to go on at Rosalind Stella’s. When the spooky season arrives, we are ready to go with all the dark, macabre wigs you could want. Find the perfect witchy wig with our knowledgeable staff’s assistance.

Performers and Reenactors

Impersonators and cabaret performers often need bright, bold, over-the-top wigs for their work. Similarly, actors need a fun wig to match their character. Finding a wig so that you can really get into character is part of being in a play. You want to look as similar to the person that you are portraying as possible to ensure that the audience really gets the feel of the character.

For hobbyists looking for professional-level costumes, we can help find a wide variety of fun wigs. Need a Revolutionary George Washington Style? Or how about a tower of curls a la Marie Antoinette? Playing with historical hairdos for our reenactor customers is a fun adventure for the staff at Rosalind Stella’s.

We can help you fit these fun wigs and get into character right in the shop. If they need special styling, our in-house wig care can get you the locks of your dreams.

Spirit Lifting Wigs

Sometimes a fun wig is just that—fun. A new hairstyle can make you feel like a million bucks. Why shouldn’t you accomplish this feeling with a fun pink wig or some awesome, sparkly extensions?

Wig manufacturers stay on-trend with current popular hairstyles. If you have seen an amazing rainbow hair dye style on Instagram but don’t want to commit to bleaching and dyeing your hair, you can be sure to find a similar style of fun wig available. Our staff can help you track down wigs in the color and style you want.

For our customers who are dealing with hair loss, whether from alopecia or during chemotherapy treatments, opting for a fun, a special wig can help lift your spirits. Own your hair loss when you proudly wear a beautiful, eye-catching wig that doesn’t blend in like natural hair but helps you stand out.

Any time that you need a wig, no matter if it is a fun wig or a chemotherapy wig, Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique is here when you need us. For costumes, work or just plain fun visit Rosalind Stella’s and get fit for a new wig today. Call (212) 725-3930 with any questions before your visit!