Center City Philadelphia PA

Center City Philadelphia PA

The downtown areas of New York and Chicago are the most populous in the U.S., but not many people may be able to guess the third: “Center City” in Philadelphia is home to over 92,000 people.

The term “Center City” loosely defines Philadelphia’s business districts and residential areas in the central part of the city, an area of about two square miles. It is bordered by Lower North Philadelphia to the north, South Philadelphia to the south and West and Southwest Philadelphia, accordingly. Prior to the official “Act of Consolidation” in 1854, the entire city was confined to the Center City area, but the act then extended its borders to include more of the surrounding area of Philadelphia County. The official district (Center City District) has special taxation powers, as well.

Center City is composed of numerous districts and neighborhoods, including Jewelers’ Row, the Museum District, Penn’s Landing, Old City, South Street and Washington Square West. Much of Philadelphia’s skyline is located within the area, as well as many of its tallest buildings, including Philadelphia City Hall, the world’s second-tallest masonry building. The city is also home to many other skyscrapers, including the Comcast Center (Pennsylvania’s tallest building), One Liberty Place, Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center and the Verizon Tower.

An interesting notion about Center City in comparison with the rest of Philadelphia is its population; between 1990 and 2000, Center City’s population increased by 10% while the population declined in almost all other parts of the city.

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The headquarters of many companies are in Center City, including Aramark, Cigna, Comcast, Sunoco, the law firm “Cozen O’Connor” and the U.S. offices of Kogan Page. In total, over 9,000 businesses call Center City home, and this is by far the highest concentration of businesses and firms in the entire Philadelphia area.

There are a total of forty-four primary and secondary schools (both private and public) in Center City, as well as thirteen higher education institutions. Over 28,000 higher education students reside in the area, and 68,000 more reside in surrounding neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

The area is also home to many community organizations, including the well-known Center City Residents’ Association. This group was formed in 1947 to formally advocate for all issues related to quality of life in the area.

Center City’s workforce in the private sector, totaling over 235,000, is known as being both highly-skilled and well-educated. Just over fifty-percent of the people in this figure are employed in areas of business, finances, information and related professional services; just over twenty-percent are employed in health and educational services; eighteen-percent in hospitality, leisure and retail; and about six-percent in construction, manufacturing, transportation and utilities.

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