Cap Constructions


There are different cap constructions. This would be a basic machine-made, which is just a lightweight wig with open weftings inside the cap. It’s light and airy and breathes with your hair. That would be a basic cap construction.

Next, you have a monofilament cap construction, which again has the open weftings across the bottom and across the top. If you look at the top of the crown, the top of the head, it looks like a natural scalp; it looks very natural when someone’s above you or when you’re bending down. It’s really natural, and again, they’re all very lightweight.

Then you have a beautiful lace front, which you see a lot of on television because, if you look at this, and I put it on my hand and pull back the hair here in the front of the scalp, it actually looks like the hair is coming out of the scalp itself. It’s very natural around the face and hairline. You see a lot of this on TV and you cannot tell that these people are wearing wigs. Also, again, this is very lightweight.

The lightest weight of all is a monofilament lace front with hand-tied construction, which means it has the open weftings, all the fibers have been hand sewn, and it is extremely soft against the scalp, ideal for someone who doesn’t have hair. It is extremely, extremely lightweight, also again with the monofilament top so it looks natural, and the lace front as well. With the lace front, you have the option of wearing the bangs down or forward or straight back, and you’d never know the difference with the hair line. It’s really pretty awesome.