A common question in this business is about natural hair wigs. Wigs are worn for a number of reasons, ranging from wanting a new style or different hair color to medical conditions like thinning hair or balding. Whatever your reason, the very first decision you often need to make is whether you want a wig made from natural or synthetic hair.

Natural Hair Wigs

Both natural and synthetic options come with their own pros and cons. While more expensive, natural hair wigs generally look more realistic and provide more styling options. In this post, we’ll learn more about natural hair wigs and how to decide if they are the right option for you.

Natural Human Hair vs. Synthetic

Synthetic wigs are made using plastic or acrylic that is heated to a certain temperature and strung into hairs that mimic real hair fibers. While early synthetic wigs tended to look very fake, they have come a long way in regard to texture and style.

Natural hair wigs, on the other hand, are crafted using real human hair, giving them a more realistic look. Human hair wigs also have a longer lifespan than synthetic and can be cut, colored, bleached, and styled just like your natural hair. Since human hair wigs last longer and provide many more options, they are typically more expensive.

Styling Versatility and Color Options

Being made from real hair, natural hair wigs provide many more styling options compared to synthetic wigs. The fibers of synthetic wigs are often already set into a style and can be severely damaged if exposed to heat. In contrast, human hair wigs can be blow-dried, curled, and flat-ironed without causing any harm.

There are now more color options for wigs than ever before. This greatly increases the chances that you’ll be able to match your new wig to your natural hair color. On the off chance that you can’t find the right color, natural hair wigs can also be dyed. Keep in mind that it is better to dye your wig darker (rather than bleach) to avoid damaging the hair fibers.

Caring for Natural Hair Wigs

Since natural hair wigs are made with human hair, they need a little bit of extra care. As wig care has become more of a consideration, there are now lots of products formulated specifically for natural hair wigs. Human hair wigs need to be shampooed and conditioned just like real hair, to preserve their natural softness and shine.

Remember to always wear a well-fitting wig cap to avoid breakage of your natural hair or irritation of your scalp. Wearing wigs may help to protect your natural hair but can also cause damage if not worn correctly.

The Best Natural Hair Wigs at Rosalind Stella’s

Natural hair is a great option if you want your wig to be as realistic as possible. While human hair wigs are a bit more expensive, they offer greater durability and far more styling and color options.

Here at Rosalind Stella’s, we have many years of experience helping customers find their ideal wig. Our knowledgeable stylists will take the time to work through all of your options to help you achieve the look you want.

If you’re ready to start looking for a natural hair wig, reach out to us at (215) 725-3930 to schedule a fitting appointment!

Looking for a quick way to change up your style? Whatever the length of your natural hair, long hair wigs are a great way to update your hairstyle and try out a variety of looks. There are lots of different length and style options available for long hair wigs. The right wig for you will depend on your own personal style and the results you’re looking for. An expert wig stylist can help you find the best option for you.

Long Hair Wig - Quick Change

Synthetic Long Hair Wigs

Long hair wigs come in a variety of different styles, including synthetic and human hair versions. There are pros and cons to each, depending on desired results and how often you wear them.

Synthetic wigs are easy to maintain and have amazing style memory. This means that they can hold their style for longer than real hair wigs and easily bounce back from lots of wear. They are also more cost-effective than human hair, making it easy to change up your style as many times as you want.

Human Hair Long Wigs

Long wigs made from human hair, on the other hand, are of better quality and will last longer than synthetics. Depending on how well you take care of it, your human hair wig could last up to a year (with daily use).

Human hair wigs also tend to look more natural than synthetic and can be styled in many more ways. These wigs can be straightened, curled, and colored just like your natural hair. They are also more expensive, but many wig wearers feel that they are worth the extra cost.

Lengths and Styles

Long hair wigs typically range from 18 to 24 inches long. If you’re feeling bold, you can even go for an extra-long wig, which measures over 26 inches in length! Wigs that are 18-22 inches long fall past your shoulders and are perfect for a very natural long hair look. Wigs that measure 22-24 inches are great for a head-turning long hair look that will fall past your waist!

Long hair wigs also come in a variety of different styles that you can switch up to match your mood. Straight styles can provide a very sleek look, while voluminous curls add volume and bounce to a long hair wig. With so many unique options to choose from, there is a long hair wig to match any mood.

Choosing Your Long Hair Wig at Rosalind Stella’s

With so many different options available, it can be hard to decide which new wig to try out. No matter what option you choose, long hair wigs are a great way to quickly give your style a boost.

For the past 24 years, Rosalind Stella’s has been helping Philadelphia residents find the right wig for them. During your fitting, our expert team can answer any questions you might have about long hair wig options and work with you to try on multiple styles until you find the right one.

If you have questions or you’re ready to book your personal fitting, give us a call at (215) 725-3930!

We are coming to the end of the year and 2021 has seen some great new fashion trends for wigs. You may already have a favorite style, but trying out something new can really change the way you look and feel. There is still plenty of time to try out a new and trendy look now and in the new year. Here are a few of the best 2021 fashion trends in wigs in Philadelphia.

Fashion Trends in Wigs in Philadelphia

Headband Wigs

Like many other businesses, the wig industry has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A shortage of lace-front wigs during the pandemic has led to a rise in the popularity of headband wigs. These wigs come together at the front with a headband instead of the typical lace.
With no lace front, you’ll need to leave a small part of your natural hair out to blend with the wig’s texture. Along with choosing your wig’s hairstyle, you’ll also be able to pick different headband styles, prints, and colors.


Bangs have made a major comeback this year and this counts for wig styles too! Wigs are the perfect way to experiment with bangs, without the upkeep of natural hair.

For a modern look, try out a straight blunt fringe. For something a bit more subtle, you can go with long, sweeping curtain bangs. With each new wig, test out a new look and see which style of bangs works best for your face shape.

Textures and Layers

While sleek and straight wigs are always in style, one of the newest trends in wigs is to play around with different textures. From big, voluminous curls to tight ringlets, textured wigs offer endless opportunities to be creative with your look. Layers are also a popular trend at the moment. A layered wig is easy to style and helps keep your hair from feeling too dense and heavy. There are tons of different layered styles to choose from, including options for both long and short wigs.

Shades of Red

One of the biggest fashion trends of this year is wigs in shades of red. Red wigs are available in nearly any shade you can think of, from subtle ginger to bright cherry red. If you want to go all-in, you can even choose to blend multiple shades into one wig, to create a bold and eye-catching look.

Short, Bold Cuts

Daydreaming about cutting your hair short, but not ready to make the commitment? Instead of taking a risk with your own hair, try out a trendy new short wig hairstyle. Short, bold cuts are a very popular wig choice for this year. Go with a pixie cut for a daring look or keep it simple with a classic bob.

How to Find the Right Wig in Philadelphia

Whether you are trying out new trends or sticking with the classics, it’s important to purchase your wigs from a quality boutique. For 24 years, Rosalind Stella’s has been providing personalized services to clients from all over Philadelphia.

Our stylists will work with you to find the perfect wig to fit your style. Give us a call today at (215) 725-3930 to schedule your personal fitting!

If you’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata you are already familiar with the frustration that the patchy hair loss brought on by your autoimmune condition can bring.  Since it’s not easy to lose your hair in bits and pieces, what are cosmetic solutions for Alopecia? Perhaps you’ve wished to simply lose all of your hair so that you could start fresh with something like a full wig or even a unique tattoo. Consider these ideas first.

Cosmetic Solutions for Alopecia Areata

The good news is you’ve still got some natural hair to work with and professionals on your side to help you maximize your style options. From faux hair to fashionable items to wear, you’ve got a variety of cosmetic solutions for alopecia areata.


Hair extensions are a great first line of defense against alopecia areata due to their moveable nature. With clip-in extensions, you have the option to cover patchy spots of hair as needed. Add or subtract extension wefts to balance out your hair for both volume and length so that your missing patches become invisible.

When you shop in-store you have a great chance of matching your hair to extension color and texture. Our stylists can also help you find the best positions for the extension to compliment your style and balance out any empty spots.


Extensions are less effective when missing spots of hair are large and on the top of the head. If you are looking to cover a large, exposed area of the scalp, a full wig maybe your best option. Full wigs can give you a boost of confidence as you know your hair loss is completely covered for the day. They also make styling easy as you can style your wig on the stand and then put it on when you’re ready to go.


A strategically placed headband is a non-hair accessory that can help cover thin or missing patches. For a quick, on-the-go solution that fits with current trends snag a wide hairband and place it over your scalp as needed. Styles made popular by a yoga aesthetic are perfect for wide hair coverage.


Similarly, classic scarf and bandana hair accessories can cover wide patches of your hair for a quick, stylish alternative to wigs. Whether worn over the whole crown a la Rosie the Riveter or like a hippie kerchief, this look can be a trendy, cute option when you’re not in the mood for a complicated solution.


Instagram-worthy hats are more than enough for a great look that also covers any missing hair. Panama hats, cloches, and skater beanies all have their place in the fashion game. Rock one with the confidence to stay on-trend and feel comfortable when coping with alopecia. Looking for some cosmetic solutions for hair loss? When you visit Rosalind Stella’s, we’ve got a variety of solutions for you to try out. Stop by or call (215) 725-3930 to find out more about the alopecia solutions we’ve got in stock. Our stylists can work with you to try out extensions, scarf coverings, or even full wigs so that you leave our shop feeling more confident than ever.

For those new to wig-wearing, there are many terms that get tossed about in the wig world that they may hear. “Lace front” is one such term, and it refers to a specific type of wig. Understanding what a lace front wig is and what advantages come with it is essential to making a good wig purchase decision.

Advantages of a Lace Front Wig

What Is a Lace Front?

A lace front is a style of wig-making that leaves an edge of mesh “lace” around the front hairline of the wig. This mesh can be cut to fit the individual wearer, making for a semi-customizable fit.

The entire front of the wig is made of this same mesh lace. The hair strands themselves are hand-tied into the mesh. Thanks to the sheerness of the mesh, lace front wigs offer a decent option for those who want something with a natural-looking “scalp.” It also permits options when it comes to choosing a hair part.

Customizable Fit

When readying a lace front wig for installation and wear, your wig stylist or you yourself can use tweezers and scissors to adapt the fit of the hairline to match your unique needs. Tweezing the hairs at the edge of the mesh gives the hairline the natural but polished look that you want.

Trimming the lace is an important step that makes a nearly invisible layer around the front edge of the wig. This can be used in positioning the wig and making a close fit against the skin of the forehead. With appropriate adhesive material, this lace front edge is attached to the skin creating a seamless closure.

Natural Look

The way the hair lays on the scalp and around the hairline with a lace front wig results in a very natural look. Some wig wearers will trim baby hairs at the edge of the lace front to meld with their own natural baby hairs, making for a real-looking edge.

The volume and motion of the hand-tied strands also make the wig look like your own real hair. Choosing a lace front to capture this realistic style is an excellent choice.

Style Options

Another reason wig wearers opt for lace front wigs is the variety of style options they offer, including the possibility of switching up the part. For those looking to have options when it comes to the side, they part their ‘do on, lace fronts offer more versatility than other wig styles.

Wearers may choose a left, right, or middle part for their wigs. The option to change or adjust your wig for different looks is essential. You are more likely to get a longer life from your wig when you find you can use it for multiple styles.

See the advantages of the lace front yourself when you visit Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique and try some on. You will experience the great fit, look, and style of a lace front. Our wig experts can help you trim and customize the fit of your new lace front so you walk out with a wig that’s ready to wear.

Drop by Rosalind Stella’s or give us a call at (215) 725-3930 to schedule an appointment. With our trained staff and wide selection, you will find a lace front wig that looks and feels good all while getting you the style you want.

When it comes to choosing a wig color, it’s less helpful to ask “What colors are available?” than to say, “What colors aren’t available?” With professional wig manufacture, you can have almost anything you want when you know what to ask for.

Your Wig Color Choices

Natural Matches

Finding a match for your natural hair color or something different but still within the realm of “natural,” is simple as your wig options abound. Visiting a wig shop to view samples in person and match these to your skin tone or natural hair is the best option for getting a close match.

Wigs come in a variety of textures as well, so when you find the perfect color you can try to get the perfect feel too. Talk to your wig specialist about what kind of match you desire at your first appointment.

Stunning Silvers

Natural colors don’t always mean colors. Instead, you may want a gray, silver, or white that matches your look and age. Wigs are frequently made in these colors so that you can feel just as inconspicuous while wearing them as anyone else seeking a natural match.

Vibrant Synthetics

You are more likely to find bold or unnatural colors in synthetic wigs because they are easier to process. If you are looking for bright pink hair synthetic wigs will provide more options—and more affordable options at that.

Be careful not to shop costume wigs when looking for vibrant colors in synthetics. Costume wigs are made for short-term wear (like on Halloween) and will not stand up to everyday wear like a professionally made synthetic wig. If you’re not certain you can tell precisely the difference between them, working with a professional at a wig salon can help you tease out the finer points and find a high-quality, vibrant wig.

Dyeing Wigs

Wigs can be dyed either as a custom color or as part of rehabilitation and restyling. However, there are some caveats, including that dyeing human hair wigs can be difficult.

Human hair wigs are more delicate and undergo more processing than synthetic hair. Processing them again—especially if bleach is included—may destroy the wig.

Instead, if you are looking for a wig that you can dye, opt for a synthetic wig. This can permit a color change with professional salon styling options. If you are someone who likes to switch things up frequently, plan ahead with this versatile wig material.

Ordering a Custom-Colored Human Hair Wig

If you have a specific, unique look in mind and want to have the longevity of a human hair wig, ordering a custom-colored human hair wig directly from the manufacturer is your best option.

Today there are many unique shades popular on Instagram or amongst younger wig-wearers that are not typically found on the shelves of wig shops. These include multi-colored rainbows or pale pastels. Just because you are wearing a wig shouldn’t mean that you must miss out on all the best trends.

With all these wig color options available, don’t miss out on finding the perfect one for you. When you visit Rosalind Stella’s check out the rainbow of colors we have in stock and ask about special orders for something specific. Call (215) 725-3930 today to make an appointment or with any questions.

Unlike growing out natural hair, there’s an element of instant gratification with wigs because you can have gorgeous, long locks in the time it takes to swipe your card at the wig boutique checkout. This may unfortunately lead wig wearers to opt for inappropriate lengths or styles. But going into shopping with some basic ideas about length and bangs for your individual style will help you find the right wig.

How to Decide Length and Bangs for Your Wig

Consider Your Face Shape

Just like walking into a salon for a haircut, when you come into a wig salon for a fitting your wig specialist will help you choose a length and bangs that will fit your face shape best.

There are several types of face shapes used in the hair world including heart-shaped, oval, square, round and diamond. These are based on measurements and ratios across the plane of your face and can provide good guidance on picking out styles.

For instance, someone with a long face may benefit from heavy bangs as they help to balance their higher forehead. But someone with a round face may lose too much real estate to heavy bangs.

Some basic recommendations for styles based on face shape include:

Heart-shaped:  Keep the volume in your wig towards the bottom, such as a long wig that curls or waves halfway down. This will help balance a narrow chin. Continue this balance with bangs that are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides to visually narrow your forehead.

Oval: Many styles work for wig-wearers with oval faces. You can try a variety of short and long wigs in multiple volumes. Try out some blunt or mid-length bangs for a fun look.

Square: Opt for layered looks that balance out sharp parts of your jaw or forehead. Side-swept bangs bring attention upwards on your face away from any sharp angles. Choose a wig with bangs that taper at the ends, softening wide parts of your face.

Round: Put some structure into your look with long layers or a short, messy ‘do when you pick a wig for a round face. Avoid anything that will add volume at the widest parts of your face, such as a short bob. Similarly, don’t give up too much of your face to dominating bangs. Instead, pick a wig with bangs you swipe to the side.

Diamond: Similar to square faces, work on finding soft-looking layered wigs that will balance the sharp parts of your chin and forehead. Play with longer bangs kept to the side on your wigs.

Is Your Wig Too Long? Get It Styled

If you have purchased a wig or extensions that are simply too long, the great news is that they can be styled or cut to a length that fits you better. If you just need fewer inches, adding curls or waves can bring it to the right length. For more drastic changes, ask our salon experts to give the wig a professional trim.

Similarly, you may be able to add bangs to a wig depending on how the hair that was originally attached. Ask someone at the wig shop before purchase if it will be possible with your chosen wig.

When you visit Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique, you benefit from being able to try on a variety of wigs to test out different lengths and styles of bangs. You’ll feel confident knowing you’ve picked the right length for your face shape. Call (215) 725-3930 for an appointment today.

Hair extensions are one of the best and simplest ways to switch up your look, whether for a special event or to help get through an awkward grow-out phase from short hair.

But how do you choose the best types of hair extensions? At Rosalind Stella’s, we have a variety of extensions available for our customers. Choosing the best type means meeting their personal hair extension and budgetary needs.

Best Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are sections or wefts of human or synthetic hair that are attached to the natural hair close to the scalp. They blend in when styled with natural hair. Some are worn temporarily while others are installed “permanently.”

More permanently installed extensions can last for one month up to six months. A few factors dictate this longevity, including how fast your natural hair grows out and how the quality of your extensions holds up. Your natural hair growth is a big factor as it will drop the links of the extensions, such as the tape or beads, down away from your scalp making them potentially visible.

Hair extensions costs range from around $100 with less permanent options up to several thousand dollars for permanent options. Depending on your style goals, your budgetary options could be wide-ranging.

So here’s a breakdown of the different types of hair extensions and who exactly they are best for.

Halo Hair Extensions: The most temporary of all hair extensions, halo hair extensions are on an invisible headband that you settle beneath the hair on the crown of your head. Wefts hang from the bottom of this halo headband, blending in with your natural hair. These can be very inexpensive depending on materials, and only take a few seconds to remove.

Clip-In Extensions: For better hold during a night out or a special event, clip-in extensions are the best option. These are placed and removed each time you use them in layers of wefts that secure with clips.

Tape-In Extensions: Similar to clip-ins, tape-in extensions are applied at the scalp to the natural hair. However, they use tape which makes for a more permanent installation. These can last a month or two.

Microbead Extensions: For extensions with a secure grip that does not alter the natural hair, microbead extensions are the best option. Sections of hair are attached to natural hair with small beads. These create a secure fit so styling and wearing the extensions feels natural.

Bonded Extensions: The most natural-looking and potentially long-lasting are bonded extensions that use keratin to attach individual hairs to the natural hair. These can last for months but also come with a bigger price tag.

The Best Types of Hair Extensions

The best type of hair extensions is the ones that are going to damage your natural hair the least and get you the most bang for your buck. Many wearers and stylists prefer clip-in extensions for just this reason.

For the casual wearer who just wants to add a little length or volume now and then, clip-in extensions make sense. They are easily removable and therefore put a less cumulative strain on the scalp. They also may last longer without everyday wear, making their purchase more worthwhile.

Want to find the best extensions for your style needs? At Rosalind Stella’s, we can find you the perfect extensions for your hair needs and budget. Call to make an appointment today at (215) 725-3930.

Have you been having trouble getting to the salon lately? You’re not alone. Between continued social distancing restrictions and unpleasant winter weather, it just seems easier to stay at home.

A Backup Wig Is a Great Fill in for When You Can't Get to the Salon

But that doesn’t mean it’s easier to look at your grown-out hairdo and feel confident. If you can’t get to the salon right now, backup wigs can be a great fill-in to cover up hair that’s in need of some upkeep.

Stay Safe

Avoid exposure to both coronavirus and other winter ickies by skipping the salon until the cold and flu season is over. If you’re not comfortable having someone else in close contact with your face and hair right now, it makes sense!

This is especially true if you are part of a vulnerable population. But just because your immune system might need a little more protection, it doesn’t mean your hair should be neglected.

So protect yourself and look good with a wig to hold you over until it feels safe to see your hairdresser again.

Save Some Cash

While backup wigs do have an initial investment that is likely a little more than a cut and color, over months and months of wear they come out ahead of major hairstyling every time. If you’ve been trying to save some cash lately, making a smart purchase of a wig to wear over the next year rather than getting expensive styling done is a savvy beauty choice.

Hectic Schedule

Many people’s lives have turned upside down over the past year. If your job has changed or your kids are suddenly going to school from home, it can be hard to take the “me time” you need to get your hair cared for properly. People all over the world are feeling a real pinch in their ability to get everything done.

So save yourself the time of both going to the salon and styling your hair. When you have a pre-styled wig waiting on your wig stand when you wake up in the morning, you’ve just saved yourself a bundle of time. Get her on tight and go on with your day. You deserve to look good and manage your life!

If you are someone who can’t make salon appointments right now or afford to go as frequently as you like, bring in some backup with a wig that matches your regular style. At Rosalind Stella’s we are making it possible for people to wig shop safely and skip the salon. Reach out to see how we can help you at (215) 725-3930.

What. A. Year. 2020 just keeps bringing more surprises, and most of them have not been great. But Rosalind Stella’s is stocked with beautiful wigs and hairpieces and you won’t be surprised to fall in love with them. Here’s why this year is the right year to try a new look with a wig.

2020 Might Be the Best Time to Try Out a New Look with a Wig

You Deserve Something New

We have all been through it. Retail therapy is not the most emotionally healthy way to deal with your feelings, but it definitely makes you feel better. So does give your look a little pick-me-up.

Boost your self-confidence and get some safe, socially-distant shopping done when you find a new look.

COVID-19 May Be Making Your Hair Fall Out

No, really. If you had COVID-19 this year and are noticing some hair falling out, it may be due to your experience with the virus. You are not alone.

Telogen effluvium is a temporary condition of hair loss. It often happens after periods of high stress. Whether COVID-19-related hair loss has to do with the physical and emotional stress of the illness or a symptom of the virus itself is unknown, but hair does grow back. A wig or hairpiece can boost your confidence in the meantime.

Getting to the Salon Is Difficult

As lockdown rules roll back out among surging COVID-19 cases, getting to the salon is about to be more difficult than it has been all year. It’s basically impossible to keep up trimming off the dead ends of your hair, let alone a good dye job or pixie cut.

If your hair is looking rough around the edges as your dye or cut grows out in quarantine, cover it up with a wig. Wig shopping does not require the same social closeness that getting your haircut every 4-8 weeks does. Plus, a wig will last you to the end of the pandemic.

Pair a Wig with a Mask and Sunglasses for the Perfect Incognito Disguise

Got something you would rather not be spotted doing? Need some privacy for a big doctor’s appointment or just hoping not to run into close-talking “chatters” at the grocery store? 2020 is the perfect year for a disguise.

Masks have become so rapidly accepted in the social sphere as a way to help defeat the pandemic and keep our neighbors safe. But they do one more thing: They give you anonymity.

You might feel a little silly at first, but adding a wig with your mask and even some big sunglasses will let you stroll around town like you’re a completely different person. It’s easy to social distance when no one recognizes you enough to stop and talk.

Stop by Rosalind Stella’s or call (215) 725-3930 to find out what kinds of new looks we have in store for you as we approach the end of 2020.

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