Compassionate Wig Stylists Help with Hair Loss Due to Cancer

The compassionate wig stylists understand the concern women in particular suffer when they lose the hair. Hair loss is a common concern for people undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer. Not all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss, but for treatments that do, hair generally falls out 2 to 3 weeks after your first chemo treatment. Coping with hair loss may include wearing a wig or head scarf. At Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique, serving the greater Philadelphia area, we have an outstanding team of wig stylists, some of whom know firsthand this challenge.

wig style for cancer patient

For those experiencing hair loss or those concerned about potential hair loss from cancer treatments, consulting with a compassionate wig stylist experienced in finding a wig can be very empowering. You can choose to restore your  look or choose something a little difference. We want to help in whatever way to boost your confidence during this challenging time. We have shared more than a few tears with our customers and celebrated later with them as their natural hair returns.

How a Wig Stylist Can Help

When choosing a wig for medical-related hair loss, it’s best to shop locally instead of buying a wig online. Visiting a salon to try on wigs in person, with the help of a professional wig stylist, will offer the best experience.

An in-person consultation should include a discussion about your style, activities, and preferences to help you find a wig that will best suit you. Stylists can also show you how to easily wash, style, and care for your wig.

The caring and compassionate stylists at Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique have been helping chemo patients for decades. We know what it’s like to struggle with self-image during difficult medical or personal crises, and we are committed to restoring your confidence and helping you feel like your old self!

Variety of Wigs to Choose From

Wig technology has advanced tremendously in recent decades. Today’s wigs are incredibly natural looking, and you can choose virtually any length, style, and color to match your personal style.

Apart from the length, style, and color, you’ll need to decide if you’d prefer human hair or a synthetic fiber wig. Human hair wigs are the most natural feeling and look because they are made from natural human hair; however, they can be more expensive. Synthetic wigs are less expensive, conveniently pre-styled, and still very natural looking.

Our stylists will walk you through the process to help you find the perfect wig:

  • Choose a material
  • Choose a cap
  • Get measured
  • Find your style
  • Pick a color

Benefits of Wigs for Cancer-Related Hair Loss

Wigs provide a ton of benefits beyond concealing medical-related hair loss. The benefits are so significant that people wear wigs who don’t have hair loss, and some people with cancer continue wearing wigs even after their hair growth has returned. Wigs provide:

  • Quick, effective solution for hair loss
  • Natural look to increase confidence
  • Convenient, easy styling
  • Opportunity to try a new hair color or style
  • A good hair day, every day

At Rosalind Stella, we want you to focus on your health and recovery, and not be concerned about hair loss. If you would like to try wearing a wig for cancer-related hair loss, we are here for you.

We offer private fitting rooms where you will receive personalized attention from one of our expert stylists. If you prefer, we are always more than happy to come to your home or hospital and help you select a wig that will best suit your needs.

To schedule a consultation with the experienced wig stylists at Rosalind Stella’s call us today at (215) 725-3930.

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