First Wig? You Need Professional Help!

Buying your first wig is overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider from materials and caps to colors and styles. Wigs can be expensive, so you want one that looks great and naturally complements your face, style, and personality. To minimize stress and get a beautiful wig, it’s best to consult a professional when buying your first wig.

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Purchasing Your First Wig

Don’t buy your first wig online! Go to a wig salon where a professional stylist can explain the different aspects of a wig, help select the best wig for you, and properly fit your wig.

A professional, like those at Rosalind Stella’s, will guide you through the wig-buying process including choosing a material, choosing a cap, getting measured, finding your style, and picking your color. These different aspects will be explained more later on.

  • Visiting a salon and consulting with a professional stylist has many benefits such as:
  • Giving you the opportunity to feel and assess different materials
  • Private and personalized customer service
  • Ask questions and get immediate answers
  • Wig maintenance and styling lessons with hands-on practice
  • Try on a variety of wigs to discover what you like
  • Professional measuring for your wig to ensure a perfect fit

Most of these benefits are just not possible when buying a wig online.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Wig

Buying a wig isn’t as easy as simply picking one you think looks good. There are many different aspects to consider to choose a wig that’s best for you.

Wig Fiber/Material

There are three main wig materials: human hair, synthetic fibers, and human hair blends. Each material comes with its own benefits and requires different care and maintenance.

Lace vs Monofilament

Lace wigs provide a more natural blend into your hairline and scalp. They also have more styling versatility. Monofilament wigs are less expensive and easier to apply but are not as easy to style.

Maintenance and Care

For your first wig, you probably want something that is easy to style, easy to apply, and easy to care for. Human hair wigs often require more care because they need to be styled and are susceptible to water, heat, and humidity. Synthetic wigs require less maintenance because they come pre-styled and maintain that style.

Length, Style, and Color

There are a lot of options here. Instead of just choosing what looks good on the wig stand, consider what type of wig looks best with your face shape. Often a professional opinion from a wig stylist can help you make a decision.

Shop for Your First Wig at Rosalind Stella’s

Our team of professionals at Rosalind Stella’s is committed to providing the most comprehensive customer service. We listen to what you want and need out of a hairpiece and physically look at your head and hair to make recommendations. We know what it’s like to buy a wig for the first time and are here to help find the perfect wig for you!

If you are in the Philadelphia area and want professional assistance buying your first wig, call Rosalind Stella’s at (215) 725-3930 to schedule a professional consultation and fitting.

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