Hair Extensions and the Importance of Applying Them

If you’ve always dreamed of long, flowing locks, hair extensions may be the perfect solution. You get gorgeous long and layered hair without all the time it can take to grow your own hair out. Plus, not everyone can grow their hair out. When you are considering adding hair extensions to your hair wardrobe, be sure to think about how to apply them. This is an important step that can make or break the natural look of their hair pieces.

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The Right Application for Healthy Hair

It’s important to apply hair extensions correctly to maintain the health of your own natural hair and to extend the life of the hair extensions. When applied correctly, hair extensions seamlessly blend into your own natural hair. There are a variety of hair extension types and methods to apply them, so it’s also important to choose the right application method for your hair and lifestyle.

Hair extensions that are worn for shorter time periods, like for a fun night out, have a more temporary application over extensions that will be worn in daily life, including through workouts. Temporary applications can be simple clips or pins. More permanent applications include heat or bonding, weaving, a lock or loop, hair tape and glue.

Choose the Hair Extensions Pros

Whether you’re in the market for hair extensions or are looking for guidance on applying and caring for them, Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique is the perfect place. Not only do we carry a wide section of wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions and accessories, our professional stylists are also experts in care and maintenance. When you purchase from Rosalind Stella’s, you’re guaranteed to know all there is about hair extensions and the importance of applying them. Call us at (215) 725-3930.

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