Cancer Wigs

Coping with cancer is a terrifying and stressful process. Aside from the treatments themselves and the battle on your body, the side effects can be life-altering. Chemotherapy is a common treatment for many different types of cancers. It’s a broad term for a treatment that can be unique and specific to each patient (there are over 100 different types of chemotherapy treatments), one of the major side effects to most chemotherapies is hair loss.

For some, hair loss and a change in appearance may feel freeing, like a fresh start. However, others may look at hair loss like a sort of identity loss. But there are ways to ease the stress and strain. A variety of cancer wigs are available, from toupees and toppers to full human hair and synthetic wigs.

Human Hair WigsChoosing Your Cancer Wig

If you are preparing to undergo chemotherapy treatments and thus preparing to lose your hair, a few tips can help ease you into hair loss and cancer wigs. First, take a picture of your haircut and color before treatments. Then when you start to lose your hair, tie a small group of hair together from the top of your head and save it.

Bring these items to the salon with you. These personal elements will help your professional stylist find a wig with a cut, texture and color that most closely matches your own signature style. This helps to create a more seamless process. Or perhaps you’d like to take this opportunity to try different styles and new colors. Why not have a little fun and create a distraction from your treatments?

Once you’re ready to shop at Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique for cancers wigs, your personal and professional stylist will help you determine your wig size, the hair type you prefer and the cap style best for you. Most people who have managed chemotherapy treatments will select a monofilament wig, since these wigs feature a soft, breathable cap construction that makes the wig more comfortable for a sensitive scalp.

At Rosalind Stella’s, we’re also knowledgeable in how to work with insurance companies to help pay for the wig. Some companies may pay for up to 50% of the wig or $400. If you’re interested in browsing our vast selection of cancer wigs, simply call us at (215) 725-3930 for a private consultation or feel free to stop by and see us on Bustleton Avenue.

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