What is a Wiglet and How is it Different than a Wig?

Whether you are experiencing thinning hair due to genetics or just natural aging, you may look for wigs to help enhance your natural hair and create the look you’d like. While a full synthetic or human hair wig will create a complete look, you may only need a wiglet to use with your own hair. But just what is a wiglet and how is it different than a wig?

A Wiglet for Partial Coverage

Philadelphia Wiglet | Toppers | Rosalind Stella's Wig BoutiqueWiglets are also referred to as toppers. These small hair pieces cover only a section of your head and are meant to be used along with your natural hair. The majority of people use wiglets on the top, sides or front of their hair to cover these common thinning areas.

Wiglets can also be used to add volume to the crown of your head or to create a different style than perhaps you could achieve on your own, like bangs. Wiglets attach to your own hair with clips or combs and when placed well, are hard to detect. Many wiglet caps allow you to actually pull your own hair through using a pick, thereby blending the hair even more seamlessly. A slight variation in hair color from the wiglet to your own hair can also look like natural highlights.

Wig or Wiglet?

Wiglets differ from wigs in that wigs cover your entire head and all your natural hair, whereas wiglets only provide coverage in specific areas (i.e. where you need it most). So if you are losing hair from more than one area or have lost your hair their due to medical treatments, a full wig will be a better, more full coverage choice.

Whether you are looking for a wiglet, a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique has the best selection of wigs in Philadelphia. Give us a call to schedule your appointment at 215-725-3930, or stop by and see us. We’re conveniently located on Bustleton Avenue, close to Jeinkintown, Abington and South Philadelphia.

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