All About Costume Wigs

Adding a wig to a costume or ensemble can really take your look to the next level, beyond just clothing, props and accessories. There are many costume wigs to choose from – from wild colors and cuts to trendy and more traditional styles that just represent a different look or style from your own natural hair.

The Benefits of Costume Wigs

Costume Wigs | Philadelphia | Rosalind Stella's Wig BoutiqueWhether or not you need a costume wig will depend on the character you are portraying. If the character has very similar hair to your own, such as in color, length and style, then a simple hair piece or extensions might do the trick. But keep in mind the time and effort to may take to work with your own hair to achieve a new style, not to mention the damage you could do or the lasting color long after your costumed event.

And if the character’s bold hair is a large part of the character’s personality, such as in anime, with cartoon characters or with superheroes, it would be virtually impossible to create a complete look without a costume wig.

Costume Wig or Cosplay Wig?

If you don’t plan to dress as this character more than once or very often, you don’t need to worry about the details of human hair and synthetic hair wigs that are made for daily use. For a costume, you’ll consider a costume wig or a cosplay wig. A costume wig is the most affordable but the least durable, as it’s typically made for only a few wears. If you’re going to wear your costume more frequently, at conventions for instance, consider a cosplay wig. These wigs are made from a higher quality synthetic fiber than a costume wig, yet come in a rainbow of colors and styles.

Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique is a great place to find your next costume wig. As professional wig stylists, we know how to find the right wig for the right character, and can also help with maintenance and accessories. Call us at 215-725-3930 ad let a costume wig complete your transformation!

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