What Is Androgenic Alopecia?

What Is Androgenic Alopecia?

After hair loss from medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, alopecia is the primary reason patrons visit Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique. However, they are often surprised to hear this. Most of our clients refer to alopecia by one of its more common names – hair loss or baldness. While there are many types of alopecia, one of the most common is androgenic alopecia, also called male pattern balding (MPB).

What Is MPB?

Male pattern balding is a natural aging process by which most men lose their hair. It begins with a receding hairline and ends with a wreath of hair surrounding a shiny crown and forehead. This process occurs when free testosterone in a man’s blood interacts with a chemical in the oil glands of the hair follicles to form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A large majority of men have a genetic sensitivity to this chemical, which results in their hair follicles shrinking until they are too small to support hair growth.

How Common Is MPB?

Almost 85% of men experience hair loss due to MPB at some point in their lives. In rare cases, it can begin as early as the end of puberty. More often, it begins in a man’s 30s or 40s as a receding hairline near the temples. According to some statistics, approximately 85 million men in the United States have experienced hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia

What Can Be Done?

Several hair replacement techniques have been developed to restore, mask, or prevent further hair loss. One method involves the use of medications, such as Rogaine® or Propecia®. Another surgically transplants existing hair to the top and front of the head. The third and most historically proven is the use of real hair wigs and toupees. While this method does not restore one’s own hair as the other methods do, it does provide an attractive and versatile way to reclaim a thick, youthful-looking head of hair without committing to a lifetime of drugs or a second mortgage for an expensive surgery.

At Rosalind Stella’s Wig Boutique, we know that no one option is perfect for everyone and that you may want to investigate many options before making a decision. If you think a chemotherapy wig or toupee or men’s wigs might be a hair replacement option for you, we invite you to visit our Philadelphia location.

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