Weaves vs. Wigs

Weaves vs. Wigs

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of weaves and wigs. They are both additions to one’s own hair, although there are many differences.

Both options, no matter their initial cost, are investments.  Although wigs are generally less expensive than weaves, each will accrue costs over time for necessary care and maintenance. Considering the long-term costs, however, it is generally accepted that wigs are the cheaper investment.

With wigs, customers can always try before they buy. Added to this is the often-elaborate process of choosing colors, narrowing down preferred styles and actually being fitted. Simply put, there will be plenty of time to try different cuts and styles before ever investing a considerable amount of money. The same cannot be said for weaves; customers simply will not know how they will look until they’re “installed,” so to speak.

Weaves vs. Wigs | Rosalind Stella’s Wig BoutiqueQuality is among the essential considerations when deciding between weaves and wigs. Synthetic wigs generally do not look as natural as real hair wigs, but this does not at all suggest that they simply cannot look natural. For weaves, a natural look is just as important; it must be as close as possible to one’s natural hair color, and made of quality hair itself, or it will end up being a waste of his/her money. Whichever choice is made, customers should be ready to commit in every way, especially financially, to create an all-natural look and ensure their hair piece will maintain its longevity for some time to come.

Overall, weaves are considered to be higher-maintenance than wigs. Wigs can simply be removed at night, allowing their owner to sleep comfortably without them. Weaves, however, have specific night-time care instructions, and if they are not followed the weaves can surely suffer damage. There are also a number of treatment regiments for weaves which must be followed to keep them looking “alive” while wigs do not require as much maintenance, especially synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs will need to be treated just like naturally-growing hair in some respects, but will still require less maintenance than weaves.

If wig owners still have some natural hair, they are able to take care of it simply by removing the wig. Weaves, however, do not offer the same luxury because they are braided into one’s natural hair. This may be an important consideration depending on just how much natural hair the customer has.

One of the greatest risks associated with weaves is of damage to natural hair. If sew-in weaves are braided too tight and left that way for a long time, hair loss is certainly possible. If the bonding method is used, the removal process can be risky as the glue can potentially tear out natural hair. This is one of the greatest contrasts between weaves and wigs; wigs can be removed quite easily without the slightest risk of damage.

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