Advantages and Disadvantage of Real Hair Wigs

Advantages and Disadvantage of Real Hair Wigs

When choosing a wig one of the first things that you need to decide on is if you want to have a synthetic wig or a real hair wig. This means that you will want to know about each type of wig so you are better equipped to make you informed decision. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of both synthetic and real hair wigs. The advantages of real hair wigs are:

·         Natural Look and Feel

  ·       Styling Versatility


A real hair wig allows you to have a natural look and feel to your wig because it is real hair. This will allow you to have the multidimensional hues that natural hair has which gives the wigs a more natural look. Synthetic wigs are not able to match this look at this time so the only way to get it is with human hair. Human hair wigs (sometimes referred to as real hair wigs) allows the sun to catch it like your own hair would. This also means that using human hair allows other people that touch your wig to think it is your actual hair.

Real hair wigs also allow you to have more versatile styles because they are able to be styled in a number of different ways. Just like your own hair you should be able to dye your hair and style it in a number of different ways. The real hair wigs are also more durable and allow you to use certain curling irons and blow dryers on them. You will need to talk to a wig expert for more details on the type of styling instruments that you are able to use.

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The last benefit that we are going to go over when looking at real hair wigs is the amount of time that they last. When you have a real hair wig you should be able to see it last for a year if you take care of it properly. You should be able to talk with a wig expert at the wig shop that you go to about the proper way to care for your wig.

The disadvantages of this type of wig are that it is more expensive than synthetic wigs. You will also notice that it is more durable and last longer so you need to determine if the extra cost is worth the extra time that the real hair will give.

The other disadvantage to this type of wig is just like your own hair in certain conditions it will frizz. You will also notice that you will need to take more time caring for a real hair wig.

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